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Designating a smoking area by installing a smoking shelter and cigarette bins greatly benefits your business.

In addition to protecting smokers from the elements year-round, shelters deter smoking near doors to buildings and other unfavourable situations.

Smoking areas also reduce cigarette litter, which can lower the risk of fire from discarded butts that have been left lying around.

We are Outdoor Smoking Shelter contractors. Our team of expert installers create and fit bespoke smoking shelters across the UK.

Our nationwide installers offer affordable prices and quick quotations. All of our quotes are free, and you are not obligated to proceed with the works. 

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Outdoor Smoking Shelter, we have years of experience installing and supplying bespoke smoking shelters to businesses and facilities.

Our expert installers make sure that every project they take on is completed to the highest possible standard.

We can provide bespoke and unique smoking shelters that fit the design and specifications of your property.

Our company has acquired a range of 5-star reviews from customers that were more than satisfied with our results.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a smoking shelter in Horsham.

What Is a Smoking Shelter?

A smoking shelter is a versatile structure used in many institutions, from campuses to hospitals, as a considerate measure for smokers.

Although the shelter is usually enclosed, it doesn’t have any seating features or walls. However, it still provides enough protection against harsh weather elements like rain and sun.

An outdoor Smoking Shelter is also very customizable in most cases and can be modified to suit any institution and the potential number of users in that institution.

The lack of enclosures makes the shelter perfect for air circulation and prevents the accumulation of smoke. However, you can also request the shelter company to make one that is fully enclosed for you.

Outdoor Smoking shelters are usually made with different types of materials, which also creates room for various designs.

You can choose any style of shelter you prefer and have it built with any high-quality material ranging from steel to wood.

For larger institutions in Horsham, it’s better to use strong and more durable materials like aluminium or steel. You can hire a good company with employees with different materials and expertise.

Is it a Legal Requirement to Provide a Smoking Shelter?

Is it a Legal Requirement to Provide a Smoking Shelter_

It is not a legal requirement to provide a smoking shelter for your employees or visitors.

However, smoking shelters are beneficial as they reduce litter, keep smoke away from buildings, and provide smokers with a designated area.

For these reasons, installing a smoking shelter at your establishment in Horsham may be worthwhile.

Types of Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are mostly differentiated depending on the material used in the construction. Your choice of material should depend on where you are in West Sussex and the kind of weather changes you normally experience.

Steel and Aluminium Smoking Shelters Horsham

Steel and aluminium are usually very durable and are more suitable for smoking shelters regardless of location.

They are sturdy and resistant to fire, making them perfect even when there is strong wind or storm. The main concern with these types of shelters is the visual appeal.

However, when you work with the right company, you can get an aesthetically pleasing structure for the designated smoking areas that are also very functional and strong. All smoking shelter canopies can they can be installed with integral seating and accompanying hey can be supplied with integral seating and installed with accompanying cigarette bins

Wood Smoking Shelters Horsham

Another common choice of material for outdoor Smoking shelters is wood. However, given the susceptibility to fire and pests, some people shy away from using wood.

You can still have a treated wooden shelter that is sealed and protected from fire and pests.

Wood is easier to work with because it can be designed in multiple ways.

When you work with Outdoor Smoking Shelter, you can have a strong and durable wooden smoking shelter to match your institution’s design.

Glass Smoking Shelters Horsham

Smoking shelters are also differentiated according to design choice. You can opt for one with transparent walls or windows, or one with only a roof.

Either way, our company will listen to you and give you a shelter that offers protection and convenience to all users.

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Costs of Smoking Shelters

The cost of installing a smoking shelter in Horsham can range from around £300 to £3,000.

Prices are dependent on the following factors:

For example, a ten-man aluminium smoking shelter will be more expensive than a 3-man second-hand shelter.

To receive an accurate quotation, get in touch with one of our professional smoking shelter advisors today.

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Benefits of Having a Smoking Shelter

The are many advantages of installing a smoking shelter that goes beyond year round weather protection.

4 benefits of having An outdoor smoking shelter installed!


Outdoor smoking shelters offer convenience to both smokers and non-smokers. Smokers get a safe and secure designated smoking area where they can enjoy their cigarettes and non-smokers aren’t disturbed by second-hand smoking.

For this reason, it’s important to place the smoking structure away from doors, windows or any other entrance section that could allow passage of smoke into the building.

Those who smoke will also feel more comfortable when they are not seen by every person that walks into the building.

The designated smoking areas ensure buildings and public places remain smoke-free.

Reduces Cigerette Litter

Outdoor smoking structures help to reduce cigarette litter. Cigarette butts are some of the common causes of littering because most people prefer to flicker them to the ground rather than dispose of them properly.

While a single butt in a large area doesn’t seem like much litter, when they accumulate, they become disgusting. Hiring a smoking shelter company to construct a structure for you reduces the chances of such cigarette litter by giving smokers one area to flick their cigarette ends.

Collecting them from the designated smoking area and disposing of them correctly will be easier.

Weather Protected

Such outdoor Smoking structures also provide protection to smokers regardless of the weather changes. They can be used whether it rains or snows, thereby giving a permanent alternative to smoking inside the building.

Some smoking shelters in our product range have a  wall-mounted perch seat, which smokers can use to sit down while they smoke.

Saves Money

Given all the benefits of outdoor smoking, having such a constructed shelter will save you a lot of money while continuing to run your business effectively.

We can help you keep your employees happy, thereby ensuring that your product continues to increase steadily.

Discourage Smoking

In addition to protecting smokers from the elements year-round, shelters discourage smoking near entrance doors and other undesirable situations.

It also keeps cigarette fumes away from building entrances and other undesirable locations.

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Steps to Installing a Smoking Shelter

When looking for such smoking products, you need to consider several factors that directly affect their usage.

those factors include location, size, material and cost. Once you have these figured out, the process becomes a lot simpler and faster.

Design and Planning

The next step is planning the design and the construction of the structure. You’ll be expected to fill out some forms with your details, including contact information.

This process differs with every location and the kind of building regulations you have.

In most cases, you will not need a building permit to proceed with the construction.

We can help you figure out the requirements in your location so that the construction and implementation process goes smoothly.

You should consider the design of the structure to ensure that it complies with the smoke-free regulations in your area.

These regulations will determine whether your design becomes fully enclosed, partially enclosed or open. You’ll also figure out the kind of windows and doors you can have in the shelter.

Construction of Smoking Shelter in Horsham

Another important aspect to look into before the construction of the shelter is the location. It shouldn’t be anywhere near where there’s a lot of traffic.

Decide whether the shelter will be open for use at night as well. If that’s the case, you’ll need additional lighting features.

After deciding on all the aspects of the structure, you can contact us, and we will work on all your specifications. Our team of experts can work with the type of material and build any design for your institution.

Outdoor Smoking Shelter is here for all your outdoor smoking structure needs.

We are reliable, experienced, and dedicated to all our clients. We guarantee high quality in the choice of materials and service provision process. Please call us for more information.


Outdoor smoking shelters have a range of benefits including reduced littering and increased safety.

Here at Outdoor Smoking Shelters, we can offer a variety of bespoke smoking shelters to properties based across the UK.


Our team of experts have years of experience, so you can rest assured that your shelter will be installed to the utmost quality.

To learn more today or speak to a trusted advisor, get in touch with us today!

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"Outdoor Smoking Shelter recently installed a smoking shelter in our school, and we are very impressed with the outcome. The team was highly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, and they provided us with a custom solution that perfectly suited our needs. They were understanding and accommodating throughout the entire process, and they made sure that the installation was done in a way that did not affect our school operations. Thanks to Outdoor Smoking Shelter, our school now has a designated smoking area that is safe and comfortable for our staff and visitors. We would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of smoking shelter installations."

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